Sorcerer-Lord Eleuthero

Lord of 'Galaxis Infernus', Leader of the Undivided Host


Height: 2.5m
Wight: 150kg
Age: Mid 30s

Build: Wiry
Skin: Ochre (reddish-yellow)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet

Distinguishing Marks

face alternates between stunningly attractive and weathered and worn
Scar on left cheek
Unnerving stare (almost never seems to blink)

Traditions and Quirks

Honor comes from glorious death, cowardice brings only shame
Never utter the true names of friends and loved ones, alive or dead, for someone may misuse them

Mementos and Trophies

Skull of large feline predator with intricate colorful markings
Several dozen shrunken heads (attempted usurpers)
Horn made of obsidian with streaks of purple paint down it
10cm broken stone with dark runes
Sealed tube of ground Dark Eldar bones
Empty bolt shell with sisters of silence imprint
Broken Arc Rifle from unnamed Space Marine


Known as the Cinder Queen, Dark Overlord, and Master of Darkness, Melnix Eleuthero is the creator and head of the Undivided Host

Sorcerer-Lord Eleuthero

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