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Here will be links to major parts of the campaign, and will be updated as we go. The group will start in the Granhol Sector, a wild and uncontrolled sector and moving into the in the neighboring Ixaniad Sector, a sector of the Imperium.

Known Power Groups in the Ixaniad Sector and Surrounding Regions

Ixaniad Conclave Imperium Inquisition Protectors of the Imperium Unknown ACTIVE
Battlefleet Ixaniad Imperium Imperial Navy Sector Fleet Port Constance ACTIVE
Ixaniad Synod Imperium Adeptus Ministorum State Church Enetho ACTIVE
Machine Cult Imperium Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Preists Triune Ecumene ACTIVE
Honor Eagles Imperium Adeptus Astartes Space Marines Eagle's Nest ACTIVE
Imperium Imperial Crusade Crusade Fleet Port Hope ACTIVE
House Skotus Imperium Noble House Governorial Dynasty Ichabarr ACTIVE
House Kalironn Imperium Noble House Governorial Dyansty Licenia ACTIVE
House Ereshk Imperium Noble House Lesser Dynasty Kacarabaeus ACTIVE
House Val Imperium Noble House Rogue Trader Dynasty Fleet of Unending Substantiality ACTIVE
Hivefleet Gigidoon Xenos Tyranid Hive Fleet Corpuliz Expanse INACTIVE
Hedge Wardens Xenos Eldar Pirates The Hedge ACTIVE
Alai Raiders Xenos Eldar Pirates Unknown UNKNOWN
WAAGH! Skullsmasha Xenos Ork Empire Zingius Sector INACTIVE

Known Groups of the Granhol Sector

Undivided Host Chaos Warhost Warband Fleet of the Host UNKNOWN
Terror Claws Chaos Chaos Marines Warband Granhol Sector DESTROYED
Iron'Ed Empire Xenos Ork Empire Granhol Sector ACTIVE
House Kubanus Imperium Noble House Governorial Dyansty Sub-Sector Kubanus ACTIVE

Other Important Regions

The Hedge Impenetrable region of space home to Eldar Pirates
Corpuliz Expanse Rimward half of the Granhol Sector, uncivilized and unexplored
Zingus Sector Sector on the opposite side of Ixaniad Sector as Granhol Sector
Letimanni Subsector Only Subsector of Granhol Sector controlled by the Imperium, Capital is Hope

Note on Status:
ACTIVE means they are operating in the sector
INACTIVE means they are not operating in the sector, but still exist nearby
DESTROYED means they have been removed from all nearby regions
UNKNOWN means that they may still be operating in the sector secretly

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